April 23, 2019
Bring magic to your fairytale wedding with a Disney-themed wedding

Bring Magic to Your Fairytale Wedding with a Disney-themed Wedding

Imagine yourself wearing a dazzling, floor-length, silk gown like the one that Cinderella wore to the ball. At your doorstep, a horse-drawn Cinderella-style carriage awaits you.
April 23, 2019
How to make your retirement party less drab

How to Make Your Retirement Party Less Drab

Retirement marks the end of an era. It is an emotional event as you finally bid adieu to a life of time-ins and time-outs, deadlines, and
April 23, 2019
Dos and Don'ts of a Beach Wedding

Dos and Don’ts of a Beach Wedding

You are walking on the soft sand. The sun is right above your head, but the heat isn’t irritating. It has the right kind of warmth.
April 23, 2019
16th Birthday Celebrations

Celebrate Your Sweet Sixteen in Style

The young generation, called Generation Z, has its own well-defined preferences and style. Brought up in a world full of social networking sites and apps, today’s
April 1, 2019
Wedding Speech Writing Tips - Crystal Ballroom

Wedding Speech Writing Tips

The wedding speech, when well thought out, rehearsed and properly delivered, could bring a wedding reception or dinner to life. A good wedding speech will entertain
April 1, 2019
Wedding Gown Styles - Crystal Ballroom

Wedding Gown Styles

The wedding gown is most important choice for a bride during her wedding. Every bride dreams of an enchanted wedding and a beautiful gown is what
March 29, 2019
Wedding Speeches A Quick Outline - Crystal Ballroom

Wedding Speeches: A Quick Outline

Wedding speeches are reserved for the most important members of the wedding party and closest family and friends. If you are one of the ones expected
March 29, 2019
Wedding Wishes - Crystal Ballroom

Wedding Wishes

When you get married, there are going to be many who want to offer you wedding wishes for a happy and long marriage. Though there are
March 29, 2019
Wedding Words Intimate Vows Behind Closed Doors - Crystal ballroom

Wedding Words – Intimate Vows Behind Closed Doors

Wedding Words, why is it that every wedding message given to the future bride and groom always begins with those famous wedding words like – this